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Arctic is asking a question


Why did the circumpolar congress “Arctic Media World” take place in YNAO? Yamal is considered one of the most unique territories not only in Russia, but in the whole world. Huge gas reserves are concentrated in the district - almost 30 trillion tons. There is a high-tech plant for the production of liquefied natural gas totaling 16.5 million tons per year. And here live 48 thousand Aborigines, who still preserve the centuries-old traditions and way of life, themselves get their own food and sew clothes.

How to combine high technology and the interests of small ethnic groups? And how to preserve the fragile ecological balance of the territories where industrial developments are conducted?

“The Arctic should not be developed, it should be settled in,” said the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia and the former governor of Yamal, Dmitry Kobylkin.

The results of the heartless exploration of the North in the 20th century still make themselves known thousands of tons of scrap metal scattered around the islands. By the way, during the days of the forum in Yamal, the third phase of the Yamal LNG plant was launched. As proof of the fact that everything is in order with the ecological balance in its surroundings, nimble Arctic foxes running in the territory of the settlement for the workers. And polar bears, freely feeling themselves in the Kara Sea near Sabetta, where the plant is built.

Today, almost every tenth inhabitant of Yamal belongs to indigenous peoples. More than a third of them roam the tundra with herds of deer. Moreover, the number of small ethnic groups increases. Thus, over the past eight years, almost 40 percent more Nenets, Khanty, Mansi and Selkup, the vast majority of them have large families. As Nenka notes, hereditary reindeer herders, and today the director and journalist Anastasia Lapsuy, the natives eat unique healthy food - deer meat, fish, and wild-growing plants, and 20 percent are consumed raw. Well, an active lifestyle creates a huge stock of physical strength.

- If today only tundra peoples remained on Earth, they would not let the planet die, because the aborigines know everything: start a fire at minus 60 degrees with the wind, put the tent in the open tundra in half an hour. And the main thing is to raise healthy children in such conditions, ”Anastasia Lapsui philosophically summarized.

The problems of the indigenous peoples of the world are similar: it is the preservation of their identity with the rapid economic development. Journalists representing more than a hundred media outlets at the congress agreed together to uphold the interests of largely vulnerable ethnic communities.

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