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Arctic becomes interesting for young people


"The Arctic is becoming interesting for young people." Polarnik Arthur Chilingarov on the development of the Far North and the restoration of the work of deep-sea apparatuses World

Russia needs new devices for deep-sea diving, and in our country technologies are sufficiently developed to create such devices - President of the Association of Polar Explorers, Special Representative of the Russian President for International Cooperation in the Arctic, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Arthur Chilingarov told Izvestia. He also reported on agreements with the largest Russian defense holding company Almaz-Antey and the shortcomings of the law “On the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.” The conversation took place within the framework of the VIII International Forum "The Arctic: the Present and the Future", held in St. Petersburg.

- Artur Nikolayevich, is the passing forum meeting your expectations?

- There are very interesting recommendations, which is very important for me as an organizer. But the most important thing is that the decisions of this public forum rise to the level of the development of legislative initiatives.

- Once the names of the Arctic villages Amderma, Amderma-2 sounded like music, they were crowded. What can young people now be interested in so that they go to develop the North, so that people return to the cities and towns abandoned in the 1990s?

- Job. Interesting job. 44 years ago my son was born in Amderma. Now the village is returning to life, today the deputy head of the Nenets Autonomous District, Ivan Boltenkov, reported on this. The youth will return there if an interesting job, interesting research appears. I now see what they are, the Arctic is becoming interesting for young people.

- What projects can the scientific community offer for this?

- We invited the scientific community to the forum, the leaders of the RAS - they could not come. Nevertheless, there are interesting projects in which you want to participate. For example, laying the Amderma – Vorkuta road. Once we tried to build roads on permafrost — for example, Vorkuta – Salekhard.

- What have you agreed with Almaz-Antey?

- About many things. In particular, that in their special huge chambers with a temperature of –60 it will be possible to conduct tests of equipment and technical means for use in the expeditions of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet.

- Russia owns two deep-sea apparatuses "Mir". However, they do not work, because they need an appropriate research vessel. What do you think about the fate of the “Worlds”, their possibilities? Do we need new ones and which ones?

- There are projects and ideas on how to restore “Worlds”. Maybe not even the "Worlds" themselves, but their analogues, because these devices are already more than 30 years old. The construction project of such habitable deep-water apparatuses, of course, is needed.

That's just the company "Almaz-Antey" I was told that they can make equipment for diving in the Mariana Trench, but you need to deal with its development. That is, Almaz-Antey will be able to make a device that can withstand such tremendous pressure - only a design decision is needed (Izvestiya found out that such ideas are being discussed in Malachite Design Bureau).

We are seriously thinking about it. There are people who trust us, if we take up this business - we will bring it to the end.

- The President has set the task to bring the volume of traffic along the Northern Sea Route to 80 million tons by 2024. Do you think this task is real?

- Yes it is possible. Need to work.

- Work on the law "On the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation" has been going on for several years, but so far it has not been adopted. Why is this solution delayed?

- In the form in which the bill was, it is no good, the most important thing was forgotten - the person who will live in the Arctic. We fought very hard not to touch the indigenous peoples of the North with the retirement age, explaining that these people live in difficult conditions. Now, I know, a new version is ready, we are waiting for him to come to the State Duma. It used to be that polar explorers are sailors, pilots and scientists. Today we mean that polar explorers are all people who live in the High North and work in these regions. After all, extreme living conditions are the same for a teacher, a doctor, a driver, and a submariner.


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