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Experts of FPI will create a drone for the Arctic


Specialists of the Advanced Research Foundation (FPI) are working to create unmanned aerial vehicles for use in the Arctic, which can be in the air for up to four days. On this TASS on Monday told the press service of the fund.

"The aircraft of increased autonomy should ensure the performance of functional tasks in non-stop flight at high latitudes (the conventional name of the polar regions of the Earth - TASS approx.) With a duration of at least four days," the FPI specified.

The press service also noted that the fund is currently conducting a number of developments on unmanned systems: the creation of new materials, electronic component base, engines, payloads and efficient control algorithms, information collection and processing.

In addition, the FPI is developing drones demonstrators of vertical and ultrashort takeoff and landing. "Here we are talking about the development of technologies that provide increased energy efficiency of the take-off and landing cycle," the press service said.

Earlier, the creation of UAVs for the Arctic region, said the concern "Kalashnikov." The drones of the ZALA Arctic series will be able to solve civil and military tasks in conducting research in the Arctic zone, ensuring the safety of maritime navigation, round-the-clock protection of perimeters, and organizing a full-fledged system for tracking the Arctic coast and territorial waters.

The complex has its own alternative navigation system GIRSAM, which is designed specifically for navigating both unmanned aircraft and ground and surface users in the face of suppression or absence of GPS or GLONASS signals.


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